4 Reasons to Love Swiss Made Richard Mille Replica Watch

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Richard Mille's design work is hard to fault. Assuming that you like this sort of approach to watch design at all, there is basically Richard Mille, and those who try ĘC generally unsuccessfully ĘC to imitate him. (Designing watches in the wake of Richard Mille is sort of like being a painter after Jackson Pollock, or a writer after James Joyce; attempting to copy their success by copying their language or visual vocabulary is tempting, and also a terrible idea.) The Richard Mille Replica is a great looking watch. The version shown here, in titanium, is, in terms of general fit and finish, very well done; every surface has obviously been carefully considered in terms of its relationship to other elements of the dial, gear train, and case, and as we said in our look at the Apple Watch, attention to detail is really what makes real luxury what it is.

It's true that Richard Mille Replica has his own distinctive design language, but it's also true that this sort of celebration of the aesthetic characteristics of industrial materials is a classic Modernist design strategy, and a few other notable exceptions aside (like the Royal Oak, which did for stainless steel in watches what Mies van der Rohe did for it in architecture) there are not a lot of watch designers out there who do this nearly as well as Richard Mille.

Much of the appeal of his work is that of traditional watchmaking, in both finish and mechanics. Boasting that you have fast-rotating mainspring barrels and optimized gear-tooth profiles is about as inside baseball as it gets, and while there are modern industrial materials and finishing methods in Richard Mille Replica watches, overall his aesthetic effects still rely on the alternation of polished, matte, and brushed surfaces that have been the stock-in-trade of Genevan watchmaking for hundreds of years.